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La Chapelle de Saint Vigor - a magic place

La Chapelle de Saint Vigor

The most wonderful secrets are sometimes right in front of our nose. And we don’t always see them. Imagine that such a secret is hiding somewhere, in a place which nobody expected. The secret of The Chapelle de Saint Vigor for example, silently behind the stone walls of a small chapel in Normandy.
Kuoji Takubo discovered this chapel and dedicated ten years of his life to make something special out of it. Ten years do not seem to be too much, especially when you think of the beautiful cathedrals of Amiens and Rouen, where it took hundreds of years to finish the construction. But nowadays, it is almost unimaginable for artists to spend so much time and energy on a piece of art.

If you know this, you understand that this chapel meant something very special for this Japanese artist. A place with an incredible value has become an invisible secret for those who live here. Just in front of our nose.

Takubo accomplished with this superb mix of Norman architecture, Japanese methods and materials, a synthesis which established something totally unique and unexpected. It is not an arranged wedding without love, but a mutual embrace of two seemingly incompatible cultures.

On the walls of this chapel you will find different paint layers in which huge apple trees are engraved and together with its magical glass tiles they refer both to the history of the colorful stained-glass windows of the French Gothic period with their vibrant, formal unity and symbiosis of art, nature and history.

Such a venue is in fact a wonderful place for wedding ceremonies, which in reality is nothing else than the rehabilitation of the original destination of the chapel. Therefore it important to create more awareness and attract (art minded) people and to put these kind of forgotten treasures of this region in the spotlights!  

The chapel is just a 5 minutes drive from Domaine de la Tour. 

This article was written by the Hungarian journalist Szilvia Hunyadi of Műértő magazin in June 2010, when she was on holiday with her family at Domaine de la Tour.